Have You Looked at Your 2 Web Sites Lately?

Posted on Apr 27, 2015

by Michael Davis, Owner and President of Lucid Impact. 2 web sites? What does that mean?? 2 web sites means that a trend that has been building for years has finally reached a tipping point and can no longer be ignored. As of April 21, 2015 something very significant will be happening on the web. The tipping point has come. Mobile devices are now making up if not close to half, a majority of the ways that people are seeing websites- depending on the industry. Those that don’t have mobile friendly versions of their websites are going to start to be penalized by Google.  This is not good for SEO rankings, to say the least. Many in the industry are referring to this as “mobilegeddeon”. Mobile versions of a website does not simply mean that you can see a website on a mobile device it has to format to fit the screen that is looking at it. A good way to figure this out for yourself is to look at your own website through your phone and through a tablet as well as on a laptop or desktop. Here are some questions to ask: Does the navigation automatically alter to look correct on all the devices? Is the layout fitting for the screen you were looking on? Can you readily see the most important elements quickly? If you’re unsure you really should check with someone that knows what site should be looking like in each of these mediums. The upside of having a mobile version of a website is: All things being equal sites that are mobile friendly will have preference by Google and naturally rank higher. An effective way to rank better and give visitors a better user experience overall when they come to visit. It is a great way to get a leg up on a lot of competition who thinks this is less important than it really is. Feel free to contact Lucid Impact if you would like to find out...

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