Credit Card Processor Matt Yablunosky

Matt Yablunosky

Photo by Juan Carlos Briceno- The Modern Portrait Studio

Armed with his Univ. of Maryland economics degree in ‘93, Matt ventured to UNC to advance his education, never left, and now proudly calls North Carolina home. Grounded through his dozen plus years of broadcast marketing sales, Matt grew revenue for his advertising clients nationally at MRN Radio: The Voice of NASCAR, regionally through the Tar Heel Sports Network, and locally with Curtis Media Group.

Having quickly crafted his skills as an independent credit card processor, Matt now enables businesses to retain more revenue through his ‘Across the Board Savings’ on their fees supported by his first-to-call ‘Across the Town Support’. As your ideal ‘two for one’ processor, Matt offers the creative marketing mindset to attract customers plus the calculated economic mindset to strengthen bottom-line profits.

Fond of family, food, football, and fishing, Matt lives in Durham with his wife and three sons.

Matt’s Contact Info:
(919) 247-8823