Residential Mortgages Karyl Smith

I have lived in the Triangle since 1996 and have a strong background in customer service and finance. I have been originating mortgages all over North Carolina since 2001.

A home is the single most expensive item you will probably purchase in your life. With the changes that have taken place it’s more important than ever to have a caring, knowledgeable and passionate professional in your corner!
I believe in educating my clients fully and helping them to choose the right mortgage product for their short term AND their long term goals.

Products I offer are: Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, Home Improvement, ARM, and Energy Efficient Mortgages.

I work with realtors, attorneys, CPA’s and financial planners and am open to new networking with these types of professionals.

Alcova Mortgage is a Mortgage Banker based in Roanoke, Virginia. We have in house processing and dedicated Underwriters to make the process as smooth and delightful as possible!

Allow me to show YOU the WAY HOME!

Karyl’s Contact Info:
(919) 522-8884